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Welcome to Alunan Sena Sdn Bhd

distributor and wholesaler of all types of ice blended powder, juice concentrate, pearl, puree, snow ice, snack, sauce, seasoning powder


Fruit Juice 26 products
Snow Ice 6 products
Topping 15 products
Tea Leaf 3 products
Food 4 products
Snack 9 products
Sauce 14 products
Jam 6 products
Packing Materials 7 products
Machine 5 products
Corn 3 products
Dispenser Juice 1 products
Dispensor Coffee 1 products
Ice Blended 5 products
Monin Syrup 1 products
Others 4 products
portable kiosk 1 products
Waffle Powder 2 products
Others 1 products

Sachet 3 In 1 Tailor Made

Dispenser Juice

Big Cup

Blue Coral With Blueberry Puree

monin syrup (puree)

portable kiosk



Sweet Corn

My Corn

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